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Malibu Home Sale Sets LA County Record For Most Expensive

In the most expensive home sale ever for Los Angeles County, the priciest home on Malibu’s famous Billionaire’s Beach has found a buyer. Hotelier Peter Morton has an agreement in place to sell his oceanfront property in Malibu’s Carbon Beach, better known as Billionaire’s Beach, to natural gas billionaire Michael S. Smith and his wife, […]

Trying to stay sharp? STANDUP!

If you want to take a good stroll down memory lane, new research suggests you’d better get out of that chair more often. In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have found that in people middle-aged and older, a brain structure that is key to learning and memory is plumpest in those who spend the most time […]

Lead paint: California ballot measure would hit taxpayers, not paint companies, with bill for cleanup

In a campaign that critics are calling one of the most brazen examples in recent years of corporations trying to saddle taxpayers with the bill for cleaning up pollution, three large paint companies are sponsoring a $2 billion statewide ballot measure to clean up lead paint contamination that courts have ruled is the manufacturers’ responsibility. In […]